Ranocchia: “It all went wrong today”

MILAN – “Today Denis was a tough customer.He’s very strong and never stops running. We did a good job against him, but not so much against his team-mates,” stated Andrea Ranocchia to Inter Channel after Inter v Atalanta.

“For a defender it’s always horrible to let in a goal. It was a shame because just a few minutes earlier we had a fantastic chance through Jonathan. Everything went wrong today – just look at all our chances and how many times we hit the woodwork. But that’s football. Starting tomorrow all our thoughts will be on Thursday’s game.

“In the game today your physical shape makes the difference. In January the coach rightly kept me out because of all the transfer rumours. I trained hard in February and made sure I was ready for my first chance, which is crucial in the game these days. I’m ready for the next challenge.” 

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