President Thohir arrives in Milan: “I’ve got confidence in Mazzarri”

MILAN – President Erick Thohir landed at Milan Linate airport a short time ago and spoke briefly to the assembled press.

What can you tell us about the message you sent to Mazzarri? Would you consider keeping him on even if the team weren’t to qualify for Europe?

“Basically, I wanted to offer him my support, as I’ve said before. At the end of the season we will review the players and the coach together to build Inter’s future and that means preparing for next season, keeping in mind the World Cup and being ready for the tour to America.”

What was your reaction to the draw with Livorno?

“The players need to learn from the mistakes they made against Livorno, we need to get our focus back on the game because we still have matches to play. The positive thing is that we got a point. I always say we need points, and we’ll see. We have another match tomorrow and we’re already under pressure.”

Do you still have confidence in Mazzarri?

“If I didn’t have confidence in him, I would have let him go a couple of months ago.”