Palacio: “I always give everything to help the team win”

APPIANO GENTILE – “I think we’ve just lacked consistency, the fact we’ve not won several games in a row. That’s the difference between us and the sides above us. Is this my best season? I don’t know, I’m happy with how I’m playing in the league, I obviously give everything to help the team win.” This is what Rodrigo Palacio had to say to Mediaset, as he revealed his main regret this season: “The fact I’ve not been able to play alongside Diego (Milito) much, who was injured for a long time and it’s been quite difficult. I definitely would have liked to have won something with Inter, we’ve not managed that so far, but we’ll see next season. Can I promise the fans anything for the end of season? I can only say we’ll do everything we can to reach the Europa League.”

The project looks set to continue with Walter Mazzarri staying on as coach: “That’s right, for sure. The coach is working very well, the team is working well, we need to keep going like that, stay with him and we’ll definitely be a good fit together next year.”

Palacio was the first player to have his contract renewed after president Thohir came to Inter: “The responsibility is always the same for me, I give everything for the team regardless of my contract or any new deals. The president has started well, he’s made some big signings and renewed important players’ contracts, and he’ll definitely continue like that.”

El Trenza then gave his view on the Parma game and on whether or not Cassano will be in the team: “It’s a very important match for us, they’re close to us in the league table and we need to play it like a cup final. Antonio? It’s better if he doesn’t play because he’s someone who can make the difference and change the game from one moment to the next.”

Rodrigo is in no way surprised by the rise of fellow countryman Icardi: “I knew it, Mauro has great talent, he has a bright future and he needs to keep going because he’s doing well.”