Moratti: “The team’s improved, Mazzarri’s showing what he’s good at”

MILAN – Inter honorary president Massimo Moratti spoke to journalists as he arrived at the Premio Internazionale "Una vita per il calcio" (A Life for Football award).

How are you finding it not being so closely involved at Inter?
"I think it’s right to step back and afford those who carry the responsibility the space to make and implement their decisions. I feel no nostalgia in that respect. This way you’re able to experience things more as a fan."

Are you happy with how things are going?
"Yes, I am. I think the team has improved and the coach is showing what he’s good at. It’s pleasing because he was chosen for the confidence he instils and that’s precisely what he’s done. He’s instilled confidence in the players and all of a sudden the players look like the ones we thought they were: talented footballers capable of challenging for the top spots. If they’d clicked a little earlier we might even have been able to make it into the Champions League."

What do you think of what Thohir is doing in this transition phase? You suggested he needed to be closer to Inter and he’s done that both within the club itself and by backing the club in the transfer market.
"He’s doing very well, and I say that quite honestly. He seems to be closer to the team’s problems. He’s more involved emotionally yet remains very clear-headed when it comes to decision-making. I’m glad about that because I think he’s the sort of person who’s suited to something like Inter, which is anything but easy."

What about Zanetti? How does he seem to you with the current uncertainty about his future?
"We speak every now and then. The new owners had to get to know him because he’s the sort of person you need to meet before you can understand who he is. I think he’s happy now that he’s met Thohir and he feels more relaxed because I think the owners are going to get him to do what he knows how to do."

Have you never had second thoughts or felt the old desire recently?
"There may be things that I was used to doing which I can’t do any more, but looking at it from another perspective, no. Once you’ve made the decision there’s no nostalgia, there’s nothing. Just the pleasure of watching Inter, a different Inter, but one which has a clear future."

What’s the reasoning behind the Vidic signing?
"It’s by no means a bad thing! He’s a big player, an experienced player, and that’s what you need at the back. Of course it might mean that Samuel will no longer be around and that’s a shame because he’s showed that he’s still got it. It’s a good thing to look around, to be on the safe side, and I think he’s a safe signing."

What do you think of AC Milan?
"They’re not having a good time of things at the moment. It wouldn’t be nice of me to stick my oar in."

We’ve heard some strange things about Messi of late. Are you sorry that times have changed and another deal like the one you did for Ronaldo can’t be repeated?
"There was a reason behind that deal, there was an opportunity and there will always be opportunities for deals like that. But I don’t think Messi is the best deal to be had. Football has changed a bit for Italy in that respect and that’s why it’s lost some of its appeal."