Moratti: “Calciopoli ruling? The truth clears up all the doubts”

MILAN – Honorary president Massimo Moratti gave an interview to Inter Channel at the Premio Internazionale "Una vita per il calcio" event this evening.

Asked about the recent Calciopoli appeal ruling, he said: "The people responsible for creating that situation, that world, that organisation have been proven guilty once and for all, and since it was something which I think interfered in Inter’s history while they were doing it, and not afterwards, it gives you an idea of the sort of difficulties Inter faced during those years. The huge doubts we all had at the time have finally been cleared up by the truth and I think it’s very important for Inter fans. It’s in the past now but it forms part of our history, of the character and essence of being an Interista, and Inter will do well to bear that in mind."

Commenting then on the team’s moment of good form, Moratti continued: "It was about time. Inter went through a difficult period caused no doubt in part by all the changes that were going on as well. Finally everything is clear. The team have met the new owner, who is a marvellous person. That’s reassured the players and the coach and the future looks rosier.

"Which player have I been impressed by? I don’t like to name names but I think Rolando is very good, he’s been playing very well, besides the usual lads from our Treble team who I still think are amazing. Of the newer players Kovacic impresses me – I think he played very well at the weekend and I’m convinced that Icardi will be a big player in the future. I’ve been impressed by all of them but your impression comes mainly from the results, so I expect and hope they can keep getting them."