Monday 31 March is Berti Day! #askBerti on Twitter, then with you at Solo Inter!

MILAN – Have you ever thought of spending a day
with Nicola Berti? On Monday you can have the chance, thanks to the Inter
Forever initiative. Boasting 311 appearances and 41 goals, three UEFA Cups, one
Scudetto and one Italian Super Cup in his illustrious career, Berti was one of
the team’s most beloved champions. And he still is today, after having given
his heart and his best years to the club, for which the fans still hold him in
the highest regard.

Nicola will start the day by making himself
available for @Inter Twitter followers. Just by using the hashtag #askBerti you’ll be able
to ask him all the questions you like. And knowing Berti as we do, the
responses will be anything but dull. It’s a meeting without borders, and
wherever you may be in the world you’ll be able to keep in contact with him as
he answers questions at Inter headquarters from 15:00 to 16:00.

And to those of you who will be in Milan,
there’s a special appointment at Solo Inter in Via Berchet 1 for photos and
autographs. There will be an hour, from 16:15 to 17:15, to get to know him and
shake his hand. Next comes the first of a series of initiatives that Inter
Forever is dedicating to the Youth Academy. At the Centro Sportivo Giacinto
Facchetti in Via Sbarbaro, our Nerazzurri youngsters will receive lessons from
Nicola Berti, and then from 18:00 to 19:00 he’ll be joined by Francesco Toldo
to discuss the Nerazzurri values and how to face life as a future professional.

During the day at the Facchetti there will be a match between the disabled
players of Atletico Niguarda and one of the Youth Academy teams. Toldo will
take the opening kick-off and the Inter Forever principles – love for the
Nerazzurri colours and a charitable spirit – will be on display throughout the