Milito: “We’re thinking about the Catania game. Fans, get behind us”

APPIANO GENTILE – Diego Milito is also gearing up for the home game to Catania and he spoke about Sunday’s match in an exclusive interview with Sky Sport 24: “Whether I score or not, it’s important to beat Catania. The team are working well and we’re up for it. We hope to win the game, as I’ve said, regardless of whether I score or not.”

The Argentine then discussed the importance of the Nerazzurri fans and Diego was asked if he has a mesage for the supporters: “That they support us on Sunday as they’ve always done, they’ve shown how close they are to us over the years, in the good times and bad. Unfortunately we haven’t got results in 2014 but it’s important to win on Sunday because that could be the turning point.”

As for the Fredy Guarin affair, El Principe preferred not to talk about he would have handled the situation had it happened to him, but rather stress how the Nerazzurri dressing room will once again welcome the Colombian: “We’ll welcome him as we always have done because he’s a great team-mate and he’s always given so much. I’m not going to put myself in his shoes because it’s between him and the club and we hope the issue can be resolved in the best way for everyone. How difficult is it psychologically for a player to settle back down after looking like changing clubs? It’s always tricky when the transfer window is open. All I can say is that Fredy needs to stay calm, whether he stays or goes. As I’ve said, we need to find the best solution for both parties, the club and the player. The rest of us are just thinking about Sunday’s match.”

Finally, a word on his return to action following his second injury: “It’s obviously not easy having been out for so long, but I’m happy anyway, I played 90 minutes twice and perhaps there was still a question mark as to whether I could do that. Clearly I need to improve, but I think things will get better all the time. What can I say to the club as they look at our current forward options? I feel good and motivated having been out for so long. It’s hard to give any guarantees in football, but I can say that I’ll give it everything.”