Mazzarri: “I can’t blame my lads for anything”

GENOA – Nerazzurri coach Walter Mazzarri answered questions from journalists following Genoa v Inter.
This is what he had to say:
"It was a good performance from my players, and I can’t blame these lads for anything. You need to be even more alert in those moments in which you know you’re struggling, and that’s how we needed to be on that corner kick that led to the goal. We also should have been more aware and cynical when it came to finishing. That’s how you get past these bad moments, by putting in strong performances in difficult stadiums like Genoa’s. What we’re left with is a good performance, but it’s a shame about the points we lost. We have to turn things around and rediscover those things that allow us to win." 
"Perhaps we deserve a few more points for how we’ve been playing. We have to continue to believe in our play and organisation, and once things turn around we’ll probably even start winning those games we don’t really deserve to. It’s just one of those periods, when you get six or seven chances but can’t score… Right now we’re not getting what we deserve. 
"We’re probably less clear-headed when it comes to finishing, but the match is right there for everyone to see. It’s not easy to correct a mistake in front of goal. We’ll have to try and be more attentive when we don’t have the ball so as to avoid small counterattacks and carelessness on set pieces.
"Today we played with Milito, Palacio and Alvarez. I honestly think it’s difficult to play with a greater number of attacking players in Italy. Why Kovacic and not Guarin? If you noticed, compared to the Chievo match, I only changed Kovacic for Milito. I just wanted to make a minor change without upsetting the team’s balance. When Alvarez got injured I chose Kovacic for tactical reasons, not because of the pitch. Genoa? I’ve known this team for a long time, and it’s a team that fights. A team that never gives up. They impressed me. Although, if you watch the game, you’ll see that my team was the assertive one.
"The statements from president Thohir? It’s not easy to make people understand in these cases, when such a storied club as Inter finds itself going through a difficult moment. The president and the club made it clear how things are, but it’s not only for that that we’ll keep battling on. We’re building on this year for the next one, and if the fans keep showing their support we’ll be back at the top again. What do I want to say to the fans? What I’ve always believed in, which is that things go beyond just the result.
"Cofie’s handball? I’ve said that I won’t talk about the refereeing until the end of the season. You lot can give an assessment if you like. Alvarez? They told me it’s just a knock, but we’ll see tomorrow."