Mazzarri: “Greetings to all the fans”

APPIANO GENTILE – Walter Mazzarri was charged up, yet relaxed and smiling as he spoke to Inter Channel in an exclusive interview for Radio Appiano with Roberto Scarpini. 

“I’d like to take this opportunity to say hello to all our fans. I’m feeling charged up and happy to begin a new year, and a good one we hope. My holidays? I managed to take in a bit of sun, but it was a summer in which I’ve had to do many other things,” he stated.

Have you been following the World Cup? 
“I felt I needed a break from football. I tried to isolate myself a bit in order to come back more motivated, so I completely pulled the plug. Although I have to admit I’ve seen a few World Cup games.” 

Are you hungry to begin such an important season? 
“Certainly, and the club was very clear about this. There has been a lot of harmony in our discussions this summer. It’s given me even more motivation compared to how the previous season ended.”

And, in fact, the contract renewal came along, as did more positive responses from the fans that showed their approval in polls taken. The season ticket campaign is named “Insieme” [Together], so it seems that this Inter side is looking to restart together with the fans in order to achieve their big objectives. 

“This is something I really like. It gives me even more strength and motivation. It’s important to have the fans’ trust. All of the right pieces are in place to be able to start the season with a lot of optimism.”