Kuzmanovic: “It’s not supposed to happen, but it did”

LIVORNO – “We played well for 45 minutes, scored twice and deservedly took the lead. We played a little less football in the second half and then what mustn’t happen, did. This result is not enough for us, especially given we had chances to score more goals.” This was Zdravko Kuzmanovic‘s immediate reaction to Inter Channel following tonight’s match against Livorno.

“We weren’t able to go home with the points having led 2-0. We had chances to score and we weren’t able to score the third goal which would have put the result beyond doubt. This 2-2 draw feels like a defeat. What do I think about the system we played today? I like it, I’ve got a team-mate alongside me and especially in the first half we managed to play quickly and keep the ball well.

“What do we need to work on so as to not make the same mistakes again? I think we need to remain focused for the full 90 minutes. A game is never over in Italy, they’re always tough. We need to be wary and never think that a match is over. We had chances to put the game to bed and didn’t do so”