Javier Zanetti: “Together for the good of Inter”

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Here are the declarations of Inter ex Captain Javier Zanetti to Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport on Tuesday 27 May 2014:

How has your life changed now that you’re an ex-player?
“I’ll never stop training. It’s a bit different now because I’ll play with friends instead of doing it professionally, but you move on.”

Will we have to call you vice president soon?
“I don’t know if that will happen, but it’s in any case an honour.”

Inter are laying the groundwork for another season and starting again with Walter Mazzarri. Was it right to go on with him?
“I think we all need to do everything possible for Inter, that’s what matters more than anything else.”

It looks like Tom Ince, Paul’s son, will be joining. How long will it be before we see yours?
“A while yet. I’ve known Paul’s son since when he was five. He was already running around after a ball back then, when we went to Paul’s house to play cards. Seeing him now as a possible signing for our first team feels a bit strange.”

The day you said goodbye to San Siro you said wanted to play one last game to have the Curva at the stadium too. Are you planning some sort of farewell match?
“Yes, we’re thinking of doing something. We need to work on it a bit, we’ll speak to the club to see what’s best.”

The World Cup is just around the corner now. Did you ever think about going out with the World Cup in Brazil. It would have been some swansong.
“Yes, but the Argentina squad is very good. They did superbly in qualifying. Now I’ll be supporting them and I’ll try hard to be there, to do my bit from the outside.”

How Messi-dependent are Argentina?
“Messi without doubt gives us something extra, but you need an organised team behind him. I think Argentina have what it takes to have an excellent competition.”