Inter Channel, Palacio this week’s guest on InterNos

APPIANO GENTILE� – “I’m not shy, I’m just not very keen on doing interviews.” And yet, despite such a statement, Rodrigo Palacio accepted to come on this week’s episode of InterNos, and did so with a smile. There were lots and lots of messages sent in for the Argentine forward, one of fans’ biggest Nerazzurri idols. He said that it’s an honour to play for Inter, a club which he considers “one of the best in the world”.

An idol he may well be, but Rodrigo remains as modest off the pitch as he is deadly on it. “I’m the ‘derby man’? No, come on, I was lucky enough to score in the first derby we played this season but I’m no ‘derby man’. If anyone is, it’s Milito because he’s scored lots against Milan. Yes, I hope to get another one in the next game, and it might be enough for the three points again.

“Is this a derby a bit special? Before then we have Napoli to think about, another tough game and it’s important we turn in a top performance so that we can qualify for the Europa League. Then we have the derby, the best game of the year, and obviously one want to win. All derbies are special, in Argentina the supporters are perhaps a bit more fanatical about them but it’s a different thing here. The Milan derby is great and playing at a packed San Siro amazing. In the days leading up to the match I always meet fans when I’m eating out who tell me how important it is and what they hope to see. That’s what football is about, people living for the game, just as we do. We’ll do everything possible to win it.”

More to come from Palacio’s interview shortly and at 21:00 you can watch the whole thing on Inter Channel