Inter Campus in the most remote villages of Uganda

ABER – Having crossed the Savanna and gone past the river Nile heading towards Sudan, we were once again in Aber, the latest Inter Campus centre to be opened in Uganda.

With the help of Marco Piccione from CUAMM Medici con l’Africa, the local primary school got involved in the project. 100 boys and girls from this farming region – which is very poor in comparison with the rest of the country – received Inter sports equipment and training from our coaches Alberto and Silvio. The school field, occasionally invaded by herds of cattle and situated alongside the CUAMM hospital, played host to three days of training and games.

The Alur tribe that live in this regon showed all their strength on the football pitch, greeting us with the chant ‘afoyo’ (thank you). On the way back, we stopped by to say hi to those involved in the centre at Nagallama, who were particularly happy with their new balls. They will continue their work there until our next visit. To thank us they gave us some pineapples which we’ll bring into the office so everyone can feel the beauty of Africa.