Hernanes: “This hurts but let’s keep our chin up”

LIVORNO – “If I could choose, I’d have preferred not to have scored and won the match. I’d swap that right now if I could. But we need to move forward without grumbling and work towards our next game. That’s how it went tonight, we could have done better, it’s another match in which we’ve not managed to take home the three points.” Hernanes shared his thoughts with Inter Channel following the draw at Livorno.

“If we don’t move up the table and the sides behind us do, obviously the ‘European zone’ begins to stretch out a bit. I’ve got high hopes for the end of the season, the team has misplaced a few passes but we’re a good side with top players. I believe we’ll have a strong end to the campaign.

“That’s the role I like and, as you saw in the first half, I still got into a shooting position on two occasions: once with my left and once with my right. I also played two passes for Jonathan and D’Ambrosio. Theoretically I’m further from goal but I like that because I can see more of the game and build the play.

“This hurts because we were aiming high tonight, we could have ended this run of games with a good league position. And yet we stay where we are but, as I’ve said, I don’t want to resort to moaning and talking about regrets. Let’s keep our chin up and prepare well for the Bologna game. I’ve got a lot of faith and high expectations for a great finish to the league. We’re not far off, we play good football, have top players, we’re really not far off.”