Erick Thohir: “Today’s a special day”

MILAN – President Erick Thohir spoke to journalists at the Stadio Meazza before kick-off. This is what he said:

"Today is a special day as the club is celebrating its 106th birthday. I think we’ve created a special event. I never say anything before a game, but we need points. I hope we play well, but the Serie A is not an easy league. Let’s hope the players play well and give the fans a nice present for the club’s birthday. But at the same time we’re showing respect for Torino during the anniversary of the Superga air disaster. I think it’s a good relationship.

"Am I proud to be Inter president on the club’s birthday? I was already proud just to be a fan, and being president hasn’t changed my passion.

"Zanetti is a great player. I want him to focus on the season, and he agrees. There are only three months left, then after this season he can join the family. 

"Will I ask Torino’s president for Cerci? I don’t know. No plans yet, and the same goes for Fernando Torres [laughing]!"