Erick Thohir: “Focused on both the present and the future”

MILAN – President Erick Thohir took some questions from journalists after this morning’s board meeting.

Can you explain the main points of the board meeting?
"It was just for the approval of the finances for UEFA and then we discussed the opportunity of having new contracts with new partners."

Could yesterday’s meeting with Mazzarri be considered the first step towards the future?
"Yes, you can say that. We discussed our planning for next season because it’s very important that we discuss things early on and it’s very important that the coach and myself share the same vision. The board also discussed the meeting we had with Piero Ausilio and Marco Fassone. It was a good discussion as it’s very important to prepare for next season. Of course we don’t want to lose our focus: we need to get points in our last eight games. We need to prepare regarding the formation and the players but we’ll make our decisions after the season ends because we want to review all the players. We don’t want to commit to anything: if the players perform well we need to consider them."

What do you think about the fact that Inter haven’t been awarded a penalty yet?
"I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… But this is the situation we’re in and we have to face the reality."

Did you speak with Mazzarri about his contract renewal yesterday?
"We discussed next season, then at the end of the season we’ll sit down with him, and the most important thing will be to review the players."

Did he ask you for a striker?
"It’s normal for a coach to say ‘Let’s look at this or that player’. We’ll review things at the end. As I said, we need to focus on the last eight games."