D’Ambrosio: “I thank my team-mates and work hard to be ready”

– After his first match as an Inter starter that brought a win against
Hellas Verona, Danilo D’Ambrosio spoke with Sky Sport Italia about how this
week is going and if he had imagined it would be this way: "Yes,
absolutely. Mainly because, regardless of my individual performance, the team
won. And when the team wins the individual performances improve. Now we have to
work at 100% to keep up this form. Since I’ve been here at Inter my team-mates
have been crucial. They’re stars both on and off the pitch. It’s a source of
pride for me that I can count on their advice."

Jonathan is in top form, but for Danilo it’s no problem to play on the left: "I can play on either flank. I’m glad Jonathan and Nagatomo are playing well. But as I said before, what’s important is that Inter win." And regarding the next opponent: "Each game is different. Atalanta can prove to be more difficult than another match, such as one against Fiorentina for example. We have to give our all."

The Nerazzurri defender went on to explain why his team must continue onward without thinking about third place: "I arrived at Inter as someone who has always had a humble attitude. It’s normal for a big club like Inter to have big goals in mind, but it’s possible to lose your way by thinking about it too much. We’ll focus on playing well one Sunday at a time. Then we’ll see what happens."

D’Amborsio discussed whether he feels the gap can be closed more quickly with the teams ahead of Inter: "President Thohir has been very clear, saying that, even if this is a transition year, there are objectives to be reached sooner or later. This is certainly an objective. Can we still do more, and is there regret for points we lost along the way? We can’t think about the past, although we missed out on a few points. It’s necessary to look towards the future optimistically and with the knowledge that we can earn results. I think currently the team is going through a moment of good form, but I believe that’s owed to the fact that we’re working so hard every day."

He also spoke on Mateo Kovacic and his opinion that the Croat is making further progress: "I’m of the opinion that, for a young player, it’s important to have patience. Especially when you’re talking about a top talent like Kovacic, who is one of the best in Italy for the position he plays. But being young and having a coach that can give him so much, he has to understand how to wait. It’s just as I had to do, by winning my place."

Finally, some talk on the Italian national team: "When I was at Torino there was a moment in which I really believed I could get a call from Prandelli. But the call never came, and I have to admit I felt a bit sorry for that. But it passed, and now I have to say that I’d be pretty glad if that call were to come sooner or later."