Congratulations to Tavecchio, new FIGC president

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MILAN – Here at FC Internazionale we would like to express our satisfaction with the election of Carlo Tavecchio as new president of the FIGC. 

In a moment in which the entire system of Italian football strongly requires change, the programme presented by the new president receives our full approval. And it is precisely by committing ourselves to the new programme that Inter wishes to work with the new FIGC leaders to put the game of football back at the centre of the project, just as Tavecchio plans to do. The fight against violence, reform of the leagues, the starting up of second teams to help youngsters from youth academies break through, and the competitiveness of the Serie A in regards to foreign leagues are just some of the things the new president aims to focus on.

There are several key terms that need to be stressed, and among them are “competitiveness”, “development”, “education” and “safety”. At Inter, we would also like to stress the term “together”. Because, as Tavecchio himself stated, “Nothing is impossible when we work together.” Therefore, we would like to wish the new president the best of luck in the difficult endeavour that awaits him.