Cerrone: “We have to mature”

VIGASIO – Nerazzurri Under-19s’ coach Salvatore Cerrone spoke to Rai Sport following today’s 2-2 draw with Hellas Verona. 

"We have to learn to be more alert because the first ten minutes of the second half are always key. I’m disappointed and angry about the way we played in the second period, especially after starting the match so well. It would have been a different game if Botta had played the full 90 minutes. I expect it would have turned out well for us because he’s a player who makes things happen for you. But you still need to show the same attitude regardless. We must improve in the way we manage the game: you might not stop the opposition completely but you certainly can’t concede twice in ten minutes. We have to stay alert right till the end and we’ll keep working on that aspect. We must stay focused all the time because we’re Inter."