Cambiasso: “We played like Inter, we must keep doing that”

ROME –  Esteban Cambiasso spoke to the media after helping Inter battle to a 0-0 draw with Roma on his return to the team following a month layoff.

The Argentine veteran said: "We played well. We have to build on this game and try to reproduce the same  sort of performance. If you look at our last two away games, in Rome and Florence, we’ve played as Inter should and that’s an excellent sign. Playing the way we have in these two games just shows that you can do well anywhere and against anyone, although too much confidence can be dangerous because sometimes you start to believe you’re better than you actually are. We have to understand that it’s important to be able to reproduce performances like this against teams that aren’t near the top of the table.

"How come we’ve done better in the more difficult games? I think it comes down to the tactics: in games like this both sides are going for the win, whereas in other games you’re the only one that has to win and they others are happy if they draw. So you get less space than you do at places like Roma or Fiorentina, teams that want to win so they come at you. There are more attack-minded players on the pitch than there are defensive players.

"Was the draw a fair result? When you draw you always say you deserved more. Roma’s players will probably say the same thing. That’s football. To weigh up something like that properly you need to watch the game again and analyse it and I haven’t had time to do that yet. In the first half Inter were better than Roma, although they had chances of their own. But to win games you have to score goals and neither side did that."

The 33-year-old was then asked if he was clear about his future. "I’m clear about the fact that I don’t like things being made up. I’ve read and heard lots of things about this and it’s not true that I’ve already spoken to the club and the president. Inter will always be a part of my life, regardless of what happens next year, or in two, five, ten years. I’ll always be here for Inter, maybe in a different role."