Cambiasso: “Now we need consistency”

PARMA – "Parma are a good team and also made things difficult for us in Milan. By the end of the first half you could tell it was a great game for anyone who had been watching, especially if you were a neutral supporter. During half-time I said I hoped it would continue to go that way, but at the end we took the three points. A happy Easter depends more on how your family is doing, but this result allows us to be more relaxed from a football standpoint," responded Esteban Cambiasso to journalists at the Stadio Ennio Tardini after Parma v Inter. 
"The incredible sequence when I hit the post in the first half? These things happen, and they also make football such a great game. The important thing is that the ball eventually went in for us. We’d really be regretting it had the result gone any other way. For me it will simply go down as a side story."
The midfielder continued: "The team worked hard and we’re hoping to continue this way. We’ve found consistency with these two away results. Now we’re hoping to do something positive at home, where our own fans certainly deserve it.
"Everyone is talking about youth and now we’ve signed a 32-year-old Vidic? It’s not my job to pass judgement and I don’t have to offer any explanation for these things. As for the Argentines and the ones you’re calling old, I can tell you we have a lot of balance. Just take Alvarez, who is 25 years old. There have always been a lot of Argentines at Inter; not only with Cambiasso, Botta and Alvarez, but also going back to the Herrera period. Who knows what will happen to the players who have won so much here, but you can be sure there will be Argentine players, just as there are players from all over the world. 

"Do I have World Cup hopes now that Gago is injured? I’m hopeful, but certainly not because of his injury, but rather for my club performances. I hope Fernando makes it to the tournament since he’s an important player.

"Even our luck has turned around a bit? You all know me well by now, and I’m not one to talk about luck. I believe luck is something you have to deserve. You have to do all you can to make sure luck has as little to do with things as possible. And you do that with hard work. That’s football: it giveth and it taketh away. And after so many matches it has given us more or less what it’s taken from us. We can’t stop to look at the standings. Maybe we could even end up taking the 4th-place spot without realising it."