Berni: “Excited to come back home”

APPIANO GENTILE – One of the new faces at Inter (although, to be honest, he’s not completely new) is Tommaso Berni. Interviewed by Nagaja Beccalossi for Inter Channel, the Nerazzurri keeper spoke of his return to Inter after his time in the youth academy. 

“I’m very happy to come back home. That’s what I call it, home, since it was my first experience away from Florence and my family. It was certainly an exciting experience. I’m really happy.”

Did you ever think you would come back? 
“It might have been a dream I had filed away somewhere. Then it came true, so I’m really very happy.” 

What kind of Tommaso Berni will we see here? It what ways do you feel more sure of yourself? 
“It’s been a long time since my days in the youth academy. I’ve gained a lot of experience, outside of Italy as well. I’ve definitely grown a lot as a player and a person and I’ve returned here with the utmost determination. Those are two things that have always characterised me. I’m ready to help out the team.”

And how would you describe the team? 
“They’re all great guys. I know there are many great players here that are now taking part in the World Cup. I can’t wait to see them all again and start training with them.”

Have you made any friends yet? Encountered any old team-mates?
“Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to encounter 3 or 4 old team-mates. I was really glad to see them again and we’re all ready to give our all for the upcoming season.” 

Right now it’s all about preparation, but you must be aware that in Pinzolo you won’t have a second to catch your breath. Did they explain that to you? 
“Yes, so they told me [smiling]. But seriously, I can’t wait to start.”