MILAN - Below is a collection of all recent statistics regarding the clash between Milan and Juventus which could be an indication of how the match will unfold on Saturday evening.
RECENT MATCHESMILAN - Milan-Lazio 3-1, Parma-Milan 4-5.JUVENTUS - Chievo-Juventus 0-1, Juventus-Udinese 2-0.
5 MOST USED PLAYERSMILAN - Diego Lopez, Abate, Poli, De Jong 195 minutes, Menez 169.JUVENTUS - Buffon, Ogbonna, Caceres, Bonucci, Pogba, Marchisio, Lichtsteiner 189 minuti.
ASSISTSASSISTS: Llorente, Tevez 6, Lichtsteiner, Menez, Vidal 3, Abate, Bonaventura 2.WINNING ASSISTS: Abate 2, El Shaarawy, Honda, Tevez 1.
SHOTS & GOALSSHOTS - Tevez 8, Menez and Pogba 5, Coman and Llorente 4, Marchisio 3, Bonaventura 2.GOALS - Menez 3, Honda 2, Bonaventura, De Jong, Marchisio, Muntari, Tevez 1.
TEAM STATS: MILANPOSSESSION: 24.46 minutes in every game SHOTS ON TARGET: 5.5BALLS PLAYED: 553,0PASSES MADE: 67.0%TERRITORIAL SUPREMACY: 7:27 minutes in the opponents half for every game. LEVEL OF DANGER: 66.7% (Milan are first in Serie A) the level of offensive play of a team
TEAM STATS: JUVENTUSPOSESSION: 32.54 minutes for every gameSHOTS ON TARGET: 6.5 BALLS PLAYED: 760.0PASSES MADE: 77.6%TERRITORIAL SUPREMACY: 17.26 minutes in the opponents half for every game.LEVEL OF DANGER: 64.5% the level of offensive play of a team
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