(IN THE PHOTO: Inzaghi takes questions from the press) 
MILAN- On Friday afternoon, Filippo Inzaghi spoke to the press ahead of Saturday’s match with Cagliari. 
Opening comments: "It’s an important match for us and we have to restore winning ways. We know we’re going to be in for a tough game. We know all about Zeman’s Cagliari and we saw their match against Empoli. There are no easy matches in Italy. We’re ready, but unfortunately we go into the match after collecting less than what we deserved in the previous two matches. Zeman’s teams are always very dangerous in attack, have quick forwards and play on the counter attack. We will have to be very attentive but we’re playing at home. We have to be more clinical in front of goal and to try and close out matches. In Florence we weren’t able to do that. A coach has to take into account the performance, against Fiorentina we did not deserve to lose, but now we have to win." 
Inzaghi continued: "It would be great if there was a cure for all the problems and I get down when we don’t collect all 3 points, like against Hellas Verona. Hard fought wins can give you that bit more confidence and conviction that is perhaps missing. It was to be expected that we would drop-off against Fiorentina in the second half, because creating a lot of chances against a top side takes a lot out of you. I brought Alessio Cerci on against Fiorentina to try and score a second goal and to avoid dropping too deep." 
A comment on Juve’s progress to the Champions League quarter-finals: "I think that Juve deserve to be complimented on their match the other night, let’s hope that Milan can get back playing in these type of matches soon." 
Some team news: "De Jong has recovered and Poli is back from suspension. We will also have a number of important players on the bench to make sure that we don’t drop too deep. Bonaventura can play as a wide midfielder or further up the field behind the strikers. He reads the game well and has good feet. I will evaluate the situation and then I will decide, but wherever you put Bonaventura he’s a guarantee." 
It has been a tough time lately for the team and the coach in terms of the results. This is what Inzaghi had to say: "The best reaction I think came from the team out on the pitch. In Florence, we saw a great response on their behalf to all of the rumours that have been circulating. I am still certain of my ideas, I hope to stay here for a long time, I have a contract and then the club will evaluate my work. I see big teams with top coaches that also struggle and I never thought I wouldn’t suffer either. I hope our fans can see a good Milan side. It’s down to us to bring them back to the stadium with good performances and results. This is a testing moment, the best response is less talk and more action. We have to start off from the performance against Fiorentina, but collect 3 points. We need to make a winning return. When you coach Milan you know what you’re going to be coming up against. I continue to go forwards on my path, the squad are giving me responses in training and in Florence they had the right attitude. Then, who has to evaluate the situation will make their choice."
The coach continued: "I don’t want to pass on the blame, I am the coach and I am the first to be responsible. The only regret is that until January we saw a good Milan side. Then, we weren’t able to able to give continuity to our project because of the injuries. We are now welcoming back players from injuries and we have to start playing good football again.  There are many reasons why we’ve had the injuries, we’ve also asked ourselves many questions, analysing the matches. The injuries have definitely gone hand in hand with our results."
The Club President is always in touch with the coach: "I spoke to the President 2 days ago, he was disappointed about the match in Florence because we played well. The President is always close to me, he calls me every 2 or 3 days." 
On Alessio Cerci: "It wasn’t an easy match for him against Fiorentina, he came on when Fiorentina were in control of the match. I hoped that Cerci could make use of his characteristics and cause some problems. I am happy with Cerci, I have lots of choice upfront and someone has to sit out, but they shouldn’t feel penalised. It’s hard to choose one or the other, but based on the type of match we want to play I have to make the decision. Cerci has always played well, he arrived in a not easy moment for the team, if he arrived in September he would have been able to display his qualities better."