MILAN - Filippo Inzaghi had this to say in the press conference ahead of the match at Sampdoria on Saturday:
"It was important to see the attitude of the team in the Berlusconi trophy, because you saw that there was a real group of great men. It's normal to lose a game, I have to say that the spirit is there within the team. I have seen it in training and I have seen it in matches so I am very relaxed.
"It takes patience because the team is being rebuilt with a new coach and new players so it would be great if we were perfect now, but I am not worrying and I think with Palermo the desire was always present. In the first 20 minutes we had three chances and if we had gone ahead the game would have taken a different route. There was a great desire, but also we allowed things to get away from us and this can be used to improve this. Those who played in the Berlusconi Trophy and maybe play less gave all they could and this is positive.
"We have to look at the performances and overall they are improving. We will look at the table at the end of December and see what the situation is. There is no use looking at every match and seeing how it affects the league table because then it conditions every weekend. In terms of individual matches what I need to look at after every match is where we went wrong, where I went wrong. There is no doubt about it we did not play well last Sunday but we can use that setback for future matches. "I am pleased for Sinisa and we has a good group of players. We know it will be tough match for us. 
"The team has always had the right attitude, we played a great game in Verona and that was not a century ago, we know we have to improve and we know we face a tricky team tomorrow but we can do well. After we went down 2-0 to Palermo we became disorganised and invdivual players tried to solve the problem by themselves and I understand them but when you make a mistake you learn from it.
"We will be missing some important players for the match against Sampdoria but we have a good squad and we have the players who can come in and do a job. Muntari is not fit to play but we will if Zapata is today. It might be best that we have a few out so that I do not have a lot of players to pick from. However, I do not think we are suffering fitness wise.
"We cannot look at how the other teams are doing but we can only look at ourselves. We know we need to stop conceding so many goals. Menez tried to resolve the match against Palermo by himself but we have to do things like that as a team. We have talked about that. Menez and Honda are fit and I have to congratulate Saponara because he played well against Palermo. I decided we needed a line-up with more dribblers but in the end it did not work out and you only get it right when you win. I send my best wishes to Del Piero but I do not know if he will become a coach. I would say think well about it because it is not easy.
"The players should be judged at the end of the year not now. Strikers are judged by goals but I do not play those without the right attitude and I have to say the attitude has been good here at Milanello. Mexes has no need of motivation from me, we have a good relationship but clearly at the start of the season I made decision regarding Alex that he was my choice and I went on that way but I know I can count on him tomorrow and feel comfortable. Van Ginkel has done well. He has come back from injury at Empoli and he is fully fit to show me that he might be a viable alternative.
"Every match can be analysed by moments in the game and if we had underestimated Palermo then we would not have had three chances in the first 20 minutes. We have to take our chances tomorrow. We have been working on tactics but we need patience and I have known that from the start. Everyone is focused and I am relaxed.
"The fans have got behind the team and there were only a few isolated whistles. I really believe in Torres, we just need a bit of patience. He did not play that much for Chelsea and hopefully he will score tomorrow. El Shaarawy and De Sciglio are young players who became regulars straightaway and we expect a lot from them but they are training well and look relaxed. I know that Stephan is doing all he can and is training when the team is off. I am sure what the Italy coach said will give him a lift.
"Alex has a slight injury while Abate has been carrying an injury but always want to grit his teeth and play. Hopefully he will back for the derby if not then after. Honda is a player who if he has a problem will always come to the coach so what he said was misinterpreted. He is a great professional."