(IN THE PHOTO: Milan centre-back Adil Rami) 
MILAN- Adil Rami was the latest Milan player to answer questions sent from the fans in an exclusive Q&A via twitter. You can read it all on the club’s official twitter account, but you can also read the most significant comments from the rossonero defender below: 
Adil Rami: "I’m proud to be at Milan, one of the best teams in the world. I wear the number 13 shirt because it’s my lucky number. The nicest of my team-mates? All of them. There are many people I have to thank, my family and my coaches, I will never forget all of those that have helped me. The advert with Montolivo? I often use Nivea products and making the advert was fun." 
More from Rami: "I’ve been a Milan fan since childhood, my idols were Maldini and Nesta. Every match that I play at Milan, I’m thankful to be at the San Siro. The Italian language? I speak it well when I’m calm and rested. After the matches, less so… From Italy I like the fashion, from France the historical and touristic sites. Social networks? I’ve only got a twitter account @Rami13officiel. Pre-match music? I want to hear both the Milan song and the Champions League music playing.” 
Other themes: "I hope to make a return to the French national team for the next European championships. What the coach says ahead of the match remains a secret. My free time? I stay at home with my wife, I play football games online and I’ve started to play the drums! De Jong? He doesn’t even like to lose in training, he always puts his heart into it." 
To read the full interview meanwhile, please click here.