The interviews following Napoli-Milan.

(IN THE PHOTO: Inzaghi gives instructions at the San Paolo) 

MILAN – This is what was said by the coach and Diego Lopez following Milan’s match away at Napoli on Sunday night:

DIEGO LOPEZ (to the Milan Channel)
“I don’t think anything can be said against the team today. In 10 men it was very hard for us. I’ve always said that this Milan side will get back to where it should be. I want to stay here for a long time. It’s a hard moment for all of us. I am giving my all to help the team. I am partially satisfied because I think above all about the team. My hope is that Milan gets back to where it should be and that is at the top. The penalty save and the one at the end from Mertens are two different saves. I just want to help the team like everyone else. Sometimes it goes better, sometimes worse. We have to honour the shirt to the best of our abilities because Milan means a lot across the world. As a child I saw a Milan side triumph internationally. I know what it means to be a part of this club and the history that comes with this shirt. The key to my physical condition is the work that I do with coach Magni. Mentally and physically. All of us goalkeepers are convinced in his abilities and have confidence in him. I am in the best form of my career and I owe it to him. We must give our all in every match from now and defend the shirt with our lives. We will give everything out on the pitch to defend this shirt and to honor it.” 

FILIPPO INZAGHI (press conference)
“I cannot criticize the players about anything tonight. You cannot send-off a player after 40 seconds for a questionable incident. We hit the post with Bonaventura and very nearly took the lead, but I am however happy with the spirit that my players showed tonight. I am very proud to have been given the chance to coach Milan and I will strive to give my all until I am told otherwise. In January and February with several injuries we lost some of our identity and we didn’t have our captain. I believe it has been an important year that will serve me well for my career as a coach for better or for worse. If I have the chance to play some of the youth players I will do so because it is very satisfying to give them their Serie A debut. No player is happy when they are taken off. I would be worried if it were the opposite. Destro was not taken off for his performance. Napoli are an excellent side and I think it is a close battle for the Champions League spots. Congratulations to Napoli for the season that they are having. I knew Napoli would have played the football and I hoped that we could turn the result around with Cerci, but at 1-0 down and with 10 men bringing him on didn’t make sense.”