(IN THE PHOTO: Inzaghi gives instructions to the side) 
MILAN- This is what the players, the coaching staff and management had to say after the 1-1 draw against Inter at the San Siro on Sunday night. 
ADRIANO GALLIANI"What a shame about the last chance through Poli. If he had shot with his left foot, maybe it would have gone in. And then there was the crossbar by El Shaarawy. We were missing 4 important players, that would have started, we were missing Abate, Alex, Montolivo and De Jong. Let’s look at the positives. I see the glass half full: I saw an excellent Rami, De Sciglio is growing. Mexes, Zapata, Bonaventura were good as well and as was Honda when he came on. Let’s look to the future with confidence. If we had won we would have been 2 points off third place. Today the entire cluster with 22 points and below drew. It was an open-ended day which increases the disappointment. I’ve spoken to the President, he’s satisfied. It was a balanced match, but we had the clearer chances. They also struck the bar through Icardi, but El Shaarawy’s chance was clearer, but I am looking on as a Milan fan, so I’m not the best judge! I’ve still got the Poli chance in mind at the end, in addition to the crossbar by El Shaarawy. Menez is a player of pure class. Diego Lopez is a top goalkeeper, he’s got very good feet. He always stays on his feet and a goalkeeper this way makes it hard for the forward. He’s an international level goalkeeper and very important. We didn’t suffer that much. In defence, with respects to the start, we improved a lot. You can also concede one goal. It seems to me that we’re growing. The side did well with this formation, despite the fact it only tried it out this week. Abate and De Jong will now come back along with Montolivo. Maybe tomorrow I will appreciate this point. Next Sunday we have an important match against Udinese and then we have Genoa, Napoli and Roma. From now until Christmas we have 4 sides in the top half of the table, we will have to be alert.” COACH INZAGHI (TO THE MILAN CHANNEL)"It was an even match and we knew it would have been hard with the change of coach. I’m sorry for the fans, they helped us make the difference, we would have liked to have given them a win. Diego Lopez was only made to work by Icardi by a misplaced pass by us and very little else. We conceded through a goal after 2 deflections and we finished the game with 4 successive corners and 2 chances through El Shaarawy and Poli. I’m disappointed but we have to move forwards. It was an excellent performance by the defenders, they were helped by the whole side. I was about to bring Pazzini on, but then there was that chance by El Shaarawy. If I had taken him off he would have become even more discouraged, by scoring he would have been reinvigorated. But Pazzini has to stay calm, there’s already the chance to play as of Sunday. I really liked this playing system a lot, when we have all the players available, we have a competitive squad. Montolivo has been out for 6 months, it’s down to me to choose the right moment to bring him back. The club is very happy. What can I say to these players? They give their all, it wasn’t enough to bring home 3 points also down to a bit of bad luck. We will accept the verdict from the pitch."MAURO TASSOTTI"We tried to win the match and gave our all, but we weren’t able to win. We had a reasonably good game. We took the lead and then even had some chances towards the end, the one through El Shaarawy and then Poli to win the match. We made mistakes, but the match was fairly balanced and you cannot say one side or the other deserved it more. They also had a couple of chances. We didn’t have many opportunities to train together because of the international matches, and the team had only been working together as of Thursday on this new playing system. Taking that all into account, we’re fairly happy and satisfied. However there was still a few too many mistakes on our part. We’ve been saying it for a while now but we have to improve and try and finish a match without conceding as otherwise you struggle to win matches. In the first 15 minutes of the second-half, we made too many mistakes with our clearances and they were dangerous, we struggled to keep a hold of the ball. El Shaarawy is more of a forward than Bonaventura who can help more along with Honda in keeping hold of the ball. Even in Genoa Mexes had a good game and we knew he would have been ready today, he’s got a lot of pride and he showed all of that. Rami was the one who gave more guarantees in that role and we’re happy. Montolivo is the captain and for us he’s important, he can play in many roles and he’s very close to making his comeback. As of this week, we will test him to build up some fitness."CRISTIAN ZAPATA "It’s definitely a missed opportunity. We should have won this match. The draw however is alright for us. Let’s say that when Inter tried to find the equaliser, they closed us up in defence, but we shall keep working to climb the league table. Thank-you for the support from Greece. We always give our all for this jersey. Torres seems fine. He didn’t have a lot of service and this definitely didn’t help in trying to score." 
FILIPPO INZAGHI (PRESS CONFERENCE)"It was a fairly balanced match. We started well and scored through an excellent move. Then we defended well and we knew there would be a reaction from Inter in the second half. And in the moment in which we dropped off slightly, we conceded the goal after a few deflections and it went through the legs of Essien. Following that however I must say we were very good, as some sides would have accepted that and settled for the draw but we on the other hand had the strength to try and go for the win. Of course those 2 chances at the end leave a lot of regrets. The cross bar from Stephan and the shot from Poli which took lots of ricochets before going just wide of the post. It nearly gave us 3 points which would have changed all the opinions. I have to look at the performance though and just like in Genoa the side is there, they give everything and it’s clear that as of next Sunday we have to start winning. At the moment we’re not seeing our efforts fully rewarded. My feelings are that we played a good match, with good spirit. Tomorrow I will watch the match again. Inter played with a new system and we did well in countering them. I played with 4 players upfront to make it known that I wanted to win this derby. The only thing that brings me down is not having given the fans a win. Our objective is to get the San Siro full again. We certainly bring desire and commitment, the quality will improve with time. I know what it feels like to miss a chance. He needs to stay calm. He’ll react as of Sunday, trying to score a goal. Milan has the most successful President in history and it has to get back to the top. Life is made of cycles. We’re now in a rebuilding moment. We have to improve and in a few months’ time I hope that there are big improvements. Bonaventura is doing well and it’s not a surprise.  Mexes and Rami did extraordinarily well. They were all good. I asked Rami to do us a favour and he impressed everyone in the attacking phase. I wanted to make use of Honda in the second half. I really rate him but my choice was made by his arrival on Wednesday and he was a bit tired. When he came on though he did very well."