(IN THE PHOTO: Inzaghi takes questions from the press) 
MILAN- Filippo Inzaghi spoke to the press on Tuesday afternoon ahead of Cagliari-Milan. This is what the coach had to say: 
These were Inzaghi’s opening comments in which he also commented about the 1-1 draw with Fiorentina: "There needs to be balance across the team. We had an excellent match, from a defensive point of view our best, while in attack we’ve been better in other matches. Every match is different. You have to always take into account the strength of the opponent, perhaps we’ve forgotten about who we were facing. Perhaps it wasn’t our most spectacular performance, but not every match can be spectacular. I try to play the players that I believe to be in the best condition in that moment. I will also do this tomorrow. There will be the odd change because we played on Sunday evening and Cagliari have the advantage of having played on Saturday afternoon. This means we will need some fresher legs. Taking on a coach like Zeman is always a pleasure, it will be a match with nice football, offensive. Those that come to the stadium will enjoy it. Whoever wins at Empoli in that manner has great qualities, we’ll try and use our main strengths to collect the 3 points which would be very important for the league table." Inzaghi continued to speak about Wednesday’s opponents: "They’re very good on the counter-attack, with Ibarbo, Sau and Cossu that give them depth. But our players also have speed as one of their main strengths, we cannot back down and we have to go to Cagliari to try and win. To do so, we need the best Milan. Torres and Menez have played some matches together. When they’re in top shape, they will be able to do so. I know well that when you decide to leave one of El Shaarawy, Torres and Menez on the bench, the moment in which you draw a match there are regrets over who was left out. However, that’s not something I intend to do. The public opinion of Milan's worth is growing and this is pleasing. Midfield? There could perhaps be a change tomorrow, we will see. We will gradually start to bring back players like Van Ginkel, Saponara and also Bonaventura when the game is settled, it could happen tomorrow.  Alex? He’s in the squad, we have 4 important centre-backs, whoever I choose will give the right guarantees." On El Shaarawy and other individuals: "I often speak with Stephan and scoring shouldn’t be a source of worry for him, I judge players by other things. I’m happy, I tell him to not think about scoring and to make sure he’s ready. He’s played 2 matches in a row and I’ve noted that he’s on the up. He was purposeful against Fiorentina right until the end. Pazzini? I have an excellent relationship with Pazzo. At times we have 3 players for just one position and I have to make choices. He has my respect, in football you never know. Against Cesena I brought him on because I thought that he could be useful but unfortunately when he came on Zapata was sent off and he had very few occasions to get involved in the match. I hope that from now onwards he can have more opportunities. Torres? I don’t know I haven’t yet decided. Torres has played 4 out of the last 5 matches. Sunday evening? I’m very satisfied with my team for Sunday’s match. I don’t want to say anymore. Let’s now think about tomorrow, we were just missing something in the attacking phase which is however our strength. We’ve been looking to improve in other areas like the solidity at the back which you said we didn’t have. You cannot blame these players for anything, you can only compliment them so far. Let’s hope it continues like this."After focusing on the team’s attack, Inzaghi spoke about the defence: "With me, De Sciglio will always play because he’s a young player, an international and with a bright future. He was made to pay for his clearance, but we still could have avoided conceding the goal. Him and El Shaarawy were praised by everybody far too quickly, let’s let them play in peace, they’re the future of Italian football. Montolivo? We all recognise his importance but he’s not available, tomorrow he will have a visit and if he gets the okay he can gradually start to train again with us. The best Montolivo will be seen in 2015. The President Berlusconi? I spoke to him 30 minutes ago on the telephone. There’s always dialogue, he gives us lots of advice and lots of enthusiasm which I then pass onto the squad like I did on Sunday at the end of the first half. Diego Lopez? He was the first team choice, he injured himself and Abbiati has done very well. When you have two goalkeepers that are fit, it’s hard to make a choice. It’s down to me to find the right moment to bring back Diego Lopez, it could be tomorrow or Sunday. We’ll see."These were Inzaghi’s closing comments: "Every player has to be kept under watch. I only have one parameter to decide: training and the matches. Those that have played all the matches from the start have been judged well by yourselves in every match. Every player is in charge of his destiny. Changes? I don’t know how many, it’s impossible to say because today we had a light training session. It’s not my intention to revolutionise the team, but there will be I think 3 or 4 changes. Van Ginkel is fit and Saponara and Bonaventura are fine. Van Ginkel and Saponara come off the back of long injuries, but they’re better. The President? I know that he’s happy with our attacking play, we’re the best attack in the league. I know that he prefers to have a forward in the box, I know what his thoughts are. We’re improving and in every match we improve on some aspect of our game, we now need to become consistent. Since the Juventus match we’re playing good football with positive results. The players are following me and I can see their spirit."