MILAN- Filippo Inzaghi spoke to the press on Saturday afternoon ahead of the derby with Inter. These were his opening comments: "There will be stars out on the pitch. I think, and I hope, that the stars are my players and that tomorrow they make the fans happy. I hope the real difference maker are the fans, when our fans want to make the difference they do it. There haven’t been difficulties in preparing the match. Never before have I thought so much about my team than this week, to try and put them in the best condition to play a great derby. When I have these feelings on the eve of the match I am very calm. When a side works as well as this you can only do well, it will be hard to be stronger than this Milan side tomorrow. I never settle and I hope that Milan improve match after match. I think we have to start off from the match with Sampdoria, trying to improve on our weaknesses and increase our strengths. What Papin said really pleased me, Milan has spirit. I don’t think you can talk about just one area of the team for a match as important as this. We’ve prepared in the best way, but now the time for talk is over. Mancini has overseen many derbies. When we arrive at the stadium we will understand that it isn’t a match like the others, you don’t play a derby, you win it. We will seek the win in all ways. We have lots of respect for Inter, but we want to satisfy all our fans. Montolivo will go on the bench, and he has given me some doubts whether to play him or not, we have back an important player and our captain. We will be missing important players, but I am sure that who plays will give their best because they all train with great professionalism. Tomorrow, it will be the spirit that changes the match."Commenting on the absences against Inter: "I have many alternatives to Alex. Zapata has often played well, there is also Zaccardo, Albertazzi, Armero, we’re not missing alternatives, we need to find the best solution. In the past 2 days I’ve tried a 4-2-4 because it is a formation that we’ve already adopted, we’ve played with a 4-3-3 for a long time. I have these two options and now based on the players that I choose, I will decide the formation. I don’t however believe that the formation will change the match. I will try to understand who are the 11 players best suited for this match. We can now use both playing systems in the right way. I know Conte well, the meetings and exchanges of opinions are welcome. We all have respect for the national side and our young talents."Inzaghi’s derby memories as a player: "In the first derby I was lucky to score a goal so I remember it well, just like the euro-derbies in the Champions League for all the tension that was there, and then going to the final and winning in the final against Juventus. I wish my players the same and to myself as a coach. I am happy for my players because they will experience a special match, we will do everything to win. The President doesn’t ever demand anything, he gives us lots of advice brought from his experience, it’s nice that despite the problem to his eye that he wanted to come at all costs and be close to us. He’s our secret weapon and let’s hope we can give him a victory. I am sorry for Mazzarri because he’s a colleague and a good coach, he will come back stronger than before because in 13 years he had never been sacked. Inter under Mancini have changed, but you cannot talk about advantages or disadvantages. I am happy with Torres because his movements are suited to our way of playing, he has an excellent attitude and I hope that he finds the back of the net again tomorrow because he’s a player that can take us back to the top, I hope it’s his match. I’ve seen a side that is following me, a management that believes in our work. The President is close to us, the fans recognise our commitment and this is the basis to take Milan back to the top. We have to always thank the President and the management for what they have given to us, we’re winners and we want to get back to winning. We shall see whether we play with 3 in midfield or not, I will decide everything based on the players called-up."Final comments from the Milan coach: "Honda came back from international duty fully recovered, I still have another training session today, there are many players upfront, but that doesn’t worry me. I will evaluate well and I will understand the best players to start from the first minute and who will be best suited coming off the bench. I have to look at the performance. When I decided to start this journey I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Tomorrow is an important match, but for me, every match is important. When I have the pre-match team meeting, I don’t prepare anything. I don’t know what I will say, at times there is the need to speak for 5 minutes, at other times there’s no need to speak at all. For these occasions usually there is no need for any extra motivation. We have to take to the pitch with our heads held high, I’ve already said this to the squad. I am a young coach, but I have the desire to learn. I am always very self-critical. I am sure that I will continue in this job because I have a desire to learn. I hope that Milan have chosen me for this reason and not just for my past. We’ve focused on ourselves and we want to win, we will do everything to play an attacking match, we hope to give the fans an excellent performance, it won’t be easy. The derby is open to any result. Some of the comments from my players about me are great and please me. I try to be clear and honest when I have to leave someone out, and I hope to be appreciated for this. I have an excellent relationship with Japan, there are many fans from Japan here outside Milanello. I hope Japan sees a great derby. Nagatomo is a good player and I imagine that off the pitch he’s like Honda, a hard worker."