MILAN - Cristian Brocchi has been speaking about coaching the youth team and playing in the Milan derby.
He said: "The desire and the will to be a coach was always there, but I was lucky enough to start this path in the field of youth with the technical methodological area. It is working well with Filippo Galli, our manager, and Stefano Baldini, who is trying to do an important job, I'm lucky to be the coach of the youth side, I'm lucky to be able to learn so much, and develop to face the challenges ahead. Right now my goal, my dream, is not so much to see me in charge of a team in the short term, but to sit down, maybe, at the San Siro stadium and see two or three youth team players I trained in the first team, this would be a great satisfaction. The question mark can be Mancini because preparing a derby with a coach who already knows the team is definitely easier than preparing a derby with a new coach, even if he already knows the derby. The Inter players will have one more reason to show the new coach the qualities they possess and then aspire to have a starting spot, but I think that preparing a derby is a one of the easiest things for a player, it does not need external incentives because it is a beautiful game to play, it is the icing on the cake of what you do during the week, during the year and throughout your career. I remember with great joy the Champions League derby, for the emotions, playing the game, we were all elated and eager to go and play. Winning it and getting to the Champions League final was an unforgettable emotion."