MILAN - Training on Wednesday started on the raised pitch at Milanello with some physical exercises. The squad were divided into four groups: Bonaventura, Torres, Zapata, Armero, Bonera, Abate, Niang, Rami and Zaccardo carried out some exercises with blocks. They also carried out exercises over high obstacles, running with weights and elastics. Alex, Essien and Albertazzi did some running through poles. Poli, El Shaarawy and Menez did some running exercises over 30 metres. While Muntari and Saponara concentrated their efforts on strengthening leg muscles on the sand pit. Pazzini carried out some technical work and Van Ginkel studied tactical moves with Inzaghi.At the end of this phase the squad were divided into two groups. On the raised pitch the players worked on tactics and offensive moves while on the lower pitch the players worked on defensive tactics. Eventually all the players were brought together on one pitch and concentrated their efforts on ball possession in defence and pressing.Honda and De Jong worked apart and ran around the central and raised pitch at the training centre. De Sciglio stayed in the gym all afternoon.The squad will once again start training today at 3.30pm.