(IN THE PHOTO: the midfielder poses for a photo)
MILAN – The fans were out in full force on Thursday evening for a meet and greet with Kevin Prince Boateng at the Milan Megastore in the city centre. The attacking midfielder signed autographs, posed for photos and was, as always, his kind and generous self.The attacking midfielder also took the opportunity to speak exclusively to the Milan Channel. His first thoughts were naturally for the fans who turned out in large numbers to meet him at the Milan Megastore: "I have a special relationship with the fans. I am really happy that so many have come here today to visit… although my arm may get tired from all the autographs! I’m joking of course! I invited the whole team to celebrate my goal with me because I felt it was the right moment to do that. We played well, we collected points and we spoke about winning the next match with Genoa. We’re focused on picking up all 3 points. We’re not thinking about the league table though. We simply aim to win, this is our goal."Boateng is looking ahead and continues to remain positive: "I am here to train well. I am aiming to get back to 100% and when that day comes, I hope the coach will take me into account. The team cannot drop any more points and we have to keep picking up positive results. In the next round, Inter have a head to head match and they could drop points. We have to do our duty though. Bonaventura is massively important to the team. He always creates problems for opponents and without him, the team has never won. We need him back and helping us again. There is always talk from the outside. It has always been like this at Milan. But the truth is we are a united team and it’s great to be a part of this squad. We work well together. I hope to give the team a hand. I am always positive and I want to get it through to everyone how great it is to be a footballer. I am trying and at times it works, like against Inter. On that occasion, my team-talk eased the tension. I am doing good. Of course, you always want to play but there is still time to show what I am capable of."Consistency is the key, said the midfielder: "Against the smaller teams we have dropped points. We beat Fiorentina and Inter, but it’s also important to win against the smaller clubs. We cannot afford to drop points along the way. I don’t know if I am ready to play a full match. I feel ready, we will see. Juve-Napoli will be a fantastic game. I don’t know who will win. It will be an interesting one. I am trying to convince everyone so I can stay here as long as possible. I am working hard and am trying to show that I can have my say in this team. I am fine with playing in different positions. I will play and fight wherever I am needed. Our first aim is to beat Genoa and then we will take it from there."