MILAN - There were plenty of positives from the win over Bologna as the players and staff commented on.
"I remember him in the Champions League. Half of the goals that Filippo Inzaghi scored came from assists by Serginho . He's back and from now on will be our chief scout in South America . I remember when we bought him I met Jair in a restaurant and he told me "you have bought the best winger in the world." We were able to transform him into a great left-back. Serginho had back pain otherwise he would have played for many years to come. Blame it on a hernia. I remember him, he had he could cross well. Cafu was always smiling, he was at Milan with a smile and hopefully he will back soon. For me that Mario goal will be the goal of the year, it is difficult to score a goal like that without a running start with that power but when you have stars of this kind they can happen. Balo is a great player and he made this marvel that you will cover all night. It was difficult to overcome Bologna, but we managed with a great play by a great player like Mario, thank goodness that Balotelli is here with us. Balotelli, always remember, began as a starter for us, he must be consistent, he is still young but he has everything to become a major player. It was a tough match, Abbiati was also very good and we settled with a pearl from Mario. 26 goals in a calendar year are a lot, Balo has grown to be the leader with us, he has everything to become a great champion. We did not want to give publicity to the dinner at Arcore, it seemed to be a normal thing for the three of us. The President strongly wanted this coach and there is great harmony. Let us go forward, in five days we will have a big match in the Champions League and we hope to move forward. Rami has always done well in teams in which he played, he won in France, he played in Valencia, has been in the national team. He won the title with the current coach of Roma at Lille, we took him when we knew he was in dispute with the coach. He trained and joined Milan. I also really like the inclusion of Taarabt, I think the crowd appreciates this player because he wants to play. Zapata felt an injury in his leg, Kaka was walking normally, let's hope they are not serious things. The wind has changed. Wednesday will hear the jingle of the Champions League, we hope to move forward in Europe. Atletico is having an extraordinary season and it will be a tough game. Forza Milan. Valentine's Day has rewarded the love of Milan."
CLARENCE SEEDORF"Poli knows what he can give to the team, he was an example for everyone: he trained well, he bided his time, he went well with the spirit of the warrior. Everyone should help Mario developed. we have a lot of talented attackers, we need to use the talents we have, we have trained very little together, they must have the time to get to know each other. Taarabt brings the best out of other, he will grow with his football intelligence and he will understand how to play better in the Italian league. This game gives us a lift and helps us prepare better for Wednesday. Forza Milan."
SERGINHO"Milan is always Milan. Returning to San Siro is always beautiful. It is a team with a crazy heart, who knows how to fight against difficulties. It must improve as a team, but it is learning to suffer and the Balotelli goal was crazy. a goal from a great player."
RICCARDO MONTOLIVO"Mario's goal was great, the game is a bit less so, but we know what we need to improve. Bologna defended well but we had that spirit to win. The Champions League will be different but we will give our all and it will be a great game."
CRISTIAN ZACCARDO"Today was good. It was not a spectacular game, but Mario Balotelli has given us three points. I'm glad to be back on the field and have won against my former team. It has been a busy January, but there were no concrete offers at the end. When I returned from the tunnel, the coach told me to warm up because Zapata had a physical problem. Then came Mr. Tassotti and he told me that I would start. Today I tried to score a goal against my former team, but today it was more important not to concede goals. I went close to scoring but missed. We must improve and we will work with the coach. Maybe we did better in the first half than in the second. With Pazzino on we tried some long balls. Then the goal from Balotelli has solved everything. My duel with Bianchi was tough, but fair. It is not easy to mark him and he is combative. We have limited him as well as Cristaldo. Kaka was suffering, but I do not think it is anything serious. We have to continue like this because the match against Atletico will be very important."
KEVIN CONSTANT"I had not played since December 22 due to ankle problems but tonight the coach chose me and we managed to win thanks to a goal from Balotelli. Today, however, it was important to see the spirit of the team. We have the right spirit, something has changed. This win gives us a lot of confidence. From the first minute we tried to win it in every way. Hopefully in the next game to do even better. Taarabt is a friend, I have known him for many years. He is a great player. We have a good understanding. I run deep and then he decides what he wants and if he wants to pass to me. He is well adapted to Italian football. Rami is like a brother. We have known each other since we were five years. We share great moments away from football. Playing with people like that makes things easier. The team spirit has changed a lot, and it is very important to all of us. Mr. Seedorf was a great player and now he is a great coach. He knows how to keep all the players focused, even those who do not play. He takes care of all the details. We want to win against Atletico . We want to go through. We will do everything to win to get to the quarterfinals. There was plenty of transfer talk, but I told the coach that I wanted to stay here and that they could count on me."
CLARENCE SEEDORF ( PRESS CONFERENCE )"Let's say I have seen an improvement in the level of team spirit and unity. A beautiful game against teams like Bologna is difficult. At the end the result counts. Also thanks to shots such as Mario Balotelli's. I see that the team believes, it is changing the belief in what we are doing. Notwithstanding that we can get a lot better. Kaka was giving everything, but I could not risk him in view of Wednesday. I saw how he was, but knowing he would never have asked for change. For this reason I took hi off. I hope it's nothing serious. I think a team to have their own identity needs continuity in the starting eleven. Then I always try to watch what happens. The three who took over they did very well. It means that everyone feels involved and this is a very important foundation. The group is growing. The individual talent certainly improves the collective. All of us know how we played. But the sweat and effort was always there. The result is important. This does not mean that the team spirit is always to look for goals and a victory. In the second half we were more proactive on the pitch. The President was quite clear. I want what is good for the team, but some try to divide us. The President told the truth. We are very close. We talked about the future, eye to eye. Both the short term and in the long term. I'm sorry that some news outlets are reporting untrue things to divide us. We need correctness. Honda was heading back to the bench, I shook his hand. He was happy for the win and very quiet. Balotelli, we must leave him alone. Then he is a talented Italian player: I have tried to protect him. He will become amongst the strongest, it's only a matter of time. But to become the best he needs tranquility. He does a lot of good things, his behavior on the field, the referee, with his team-mates and opponents. But you just look at the negative things. The critique should help. The Champions League is always nice to play. The atmosphere will be great against a very strong team."