MILAN – Here’s what players and management had to say after Sunday's 1-1 draw against Lazio:
“It’s a very important point, very important. As regardless of the result, the team fought hard and that’s a good signal. Kakà got his goal and Balotelli hit the post, in the end we could even have won it. But it’s the right result and that’s fine. This is a draw that interrupts a series of losses, but most of all you could see that the team fought with real desire and that’s the signal that I wanted to see. There’s only one way to get out of this situation and that’s cohesion between the club, the coach and the players. If we all stick together, I think we’ll get out of this and find some satisfaction. We’re all close to the player as we should be as I’ve been doing this for 28 years and I’m not doing anything new. The important thing though is that we saw the team really fighting”.
“We were looking for the result and we got it through a lot of work and application. We needed this point and we’ve managed to get it. Maybe we played a bit too many long balls forward in the first half but in the second 45 minutes we managed to play a bit better. Fiorentina are a good team and they’re performing well at the moment. We’ll have to suffer if we’re to get a result on Wednesday but we’re ready for that and we’re ready to raise the level of our game. Playing with this tension from your own fans is the worst thing as a player. We’re putting all we can into changing this situation”.
"The goal came and I don’t know if it’s mine or an own goal from Konko, but I’ll take it. I always give 100% and I think that’s what I did today as well. I’m happy with my performance and also with how the team did even if the result wasn’t exactly what we’re looking for. The applause form the fans at the end of the match was a very positive signal. I have good memories of the stadium in Florence so I’m looking forward to that game. I’d like to send all my best to my ex-team mates from Real Madrid who also played tonight.
“It’s an important point. We showed that things that have been said about this team really make us laugh. This is a group of players that wants to give everything it has and we’re right behind the coach. We’re very united and I’m mean that with all sincerity. We’ll always give everything. Maybe we didn’t play that well today but we showed the character necessary to get out of this situation. It’s disappointing as we were in the lead and we conceded a goal but we did everything to win this game. I feel great with all the players on the team and there’s healthy competition in the squad. It doesn’t matter who plays but of course with Rami, we’ve known each other for a long time and maybe we know each other a bit better on the pitch because of that but I play well with the others too. It’s a particular moment that we’re going through and we won’t get out of it without the fans behind us. We know what this jersey means to them. We’ll do everything we can to get out of this situation and we’re ready for the match against Fiorentina. We want to bring home a positive result”.
CLARENCE SEEDORF (Press conference)
“We play games trying to win them but every game has its story. There are games in which you play spectacular football, some games in which you’re more solid. Today was a good test of our character and the players reacted well. The team worked well during the week and they did very well here this evening despite this being a tough week for everyone. We played against a good Lazio side, this is a point which gives us some breathing  space ahead of the next match. Poli was booked and that’s why I took him off. I didn’t want to risk another yellow card. Honda did well this evening, but at that time in the match I wanted us to push forward more with another striker. It was a technical choice”.