(IN THE PHOTO: Clarence Seedorf during the press conference)MILAN – This is what coach Clarence Seedorf had to say from Rome ahead of Fiorentina-Milan on Wednesday at 20.45:Coach Clarence Seedorf started by commenting on the match with Lazio on Sunday: "We didn’t have too many chances against Lazio, but that was down to the fact that it was a match between two teams that didn’t want to take too many risks. We gave very little away to Lazio and they likewise didn’t give us many opportunities. We played as a team. Football is at times decided by one incident, a goal for example. One goal is enough, it’s not like basketball. Having said this, we’ve always scored goals. Fiorentina? A great team and everybody enjoys watching them. Rami and Mexes? They had a good game, against a tricky opponent. Lazio have some fast players. Constant also had a good game. Rami and Mexes could start the match again.”A few thoughts about the Italian game from the Dutch coach: "There is a different culture between Spain and Italy. They have different ways of playing football. The El Classico Derby in Spain is always spectacular, just like Milan-Juve and Inter-Juve in Serie A. Across the world Serie A is respected by both players and those in the game, it’s always an important reference point. Italian football needs to be patient and be proud. Balotelli? The consideration I give to all my players is clear and direct, I try to understand them all and I’ve done the same with Balotelli. I’m not soft, it’s the management of an athlete. When we take to the pitch, I’m very demanding of him because I believe he has the potential to do the things that I ask of him. I do it with all the others. Balotelli is also the centre of media attention in Italy, but it doesn’t make him different. Yesterday he worked hard in training like the others, just how should it be.”A few words about the formation and the line-up: "I haven’t as yet decided for the right flank. Galliani’s backing? There has never been any tension between us. When there are many outside factors, it’s easy to make people believe in many different situations, but the communication between myself and the CEO Galliani has always been with the best interest of Milan and it will remain so. I have a way of living that allows me to deal with all the pressure, I’ve always been a winner because of this and I will not lose this. I get up reasonably early and I work hard. I always work for the good of the team and for the results.”Milan’s coach also spoke about Taarabt and Kakà: "Tomorrow Taarabt could return to the starting line-up. I’ve made changes in the past and even against Lazio I made some changes. I’m only looking to bring home positive results. The formation for me isn’t untouchable. However, my philosophy and how I view the game is sacred. This can be adapted to any formation. Kakà against Lazio played in a more central role. In football you have to take advantage of the spaces that the opponents leave and for this reason he then moved out wide to the right. In Florence we won’t be using squad rotation, the changes will be linked to our precise needs as some players aren’t available. Our come-back in 10 men against Parma was a good sign. The squad is in better shape.”