MILAN – Here’s the Q&A session from the Milan Channel featuring club captain Riccardo Montolivo:Q: Milan-Juventus, how important is this game for the new formation?A: Regardless of the adversary, the growth has been evident, in terms of balance most of all. Obviously if we defend better then we attack better and results come. We’ve seen this in the last few games and in this sense, Juventus will be a good test to consolidate this growth.Q: Is this a special game for you?A: Absolutely, this game last year was a magical evening. The president gave me the captain’s armband. We won the match and we started or way back up the league. We’re hoping for the same on Sunday. A win against a big team is needed.Q: Are you ready to lift the quality level?A: We have to be ready, we have to climb back up the table to create enthusiasm and self-esteem. We have the quality to cause Juventus problemsQ: What kind of form are you in ahead of the match?A: There’s been a growth in terms of balance. We attack and defend better. Seedorf’s arrival has brought enthusiasm. We felt responsible for Allegri and we have to show that we all belong at this club.Q: How important are the President’s visits?A: He often comes on the eve of the delicate games and his presence is always positive. He always cuts through the tension and transmits serenity. The results have been there to see after his visits and he always gives us something extra.Q: Is it an intrinsic part of your character to always see the positive side of things?A: I always try and see the positives even in the more negative situation. It’s an essential quality to improve and observe situations in life as well as football. Especially this year.Q: How much are you missing a goal at the San Siro?A: Obviously I’d like to score one and I hope to do it on Sunday but the important thing is that the whole team responds well. We need a Big Match win.Q: Riccardo, how much weight does the captain0’s armband carry? Can we get through in the Champions League?A: We showed that we can play against them in the first leg. The next will be a different match and it’s away from home as well but we have the quality to get through. The armband is a big responsibility but it’s shared throughout the team.Q: What jersey number means the most to you?A: I’ve always worn 18, as it’s the day of my birthday. It must be destiny.Q: Is Seedorf tough in training?A: There’s always a positive atmosphere but there are some bad moments and then the coach pays the price even when he isn’t responsible. We’re trying to improve with the coach.Q: European football nest season. Is it possible?A: It’s not definite that we’ll be out of Europe next season. We’re still in the Champions League and we’re fighting for a place in the Europa League. We’ll do everything we can.