Garcia: “Let’s seal qualification”

Rudi Garcia spoke to the press ahead of the Europa League round-of-32 return leg against Feyenoord.

“We want to seal qualification tomorrow. We’re coming off a 1-1 draw in the first leg, so to get through we know we need to score. We had lots of chances in the first leg, so we should be ambitious in our play tomorrow as well. Do we need that extra edge about us to qualify? Maybe. One thing’s for certain: to win, you need to take a few risks.

“We need to maintain possession because that allows you to score. We needed to be more effective in front of goal against Hellas. Our opponents scored with their only chance of the match, but that’s football – when you get a chance, you must score.

“Tomorrow, we have to be able to strike at the right time. At a time like this, we obviously need a win. We just need to work hard and get the win on the field. I want to see a compact side. Lately, we’ve been trying to protect the result too much, because the guys have been desperate to win. As it happens, we’ve ended up dropping off our opponents too much.

“We need to show more of a cutting edge than we did in the first leg, with fewer bad spells and more efficacy in front of goal. I’m calm about one thing and that’s my players’ desire to do well.

“How are Florenzi and Iturbe? Let’s wait for practice to see what condition they’re in.”