Montella: "United group, we believe in our strengths"

Check out our highlights from Vincenzo Montella’s pre-match press conference this afternoon.
What are Juve’s strengths?
“We know how good they are, but we need to show courage and be confident enough to use our strengths to best effect. I’m expecting a tough match against a strong team that’s been on top of Italian football for over three years now. We need to have faith.”
Will there be wholesale changes tomorrow?
“I have a clear idea of what I want to do. We were not in the game psychologically on Sunday, but we put a lot more running in that Cagliari. Having said that, we didn’t have the right approach and got things wrong in our preparation. We put in a poor performance and got beaten, so we take full responsibility for that.”
Should the squad go into a training camp?
“It’s not necessary. We stick together even in defeat. I see the players every single day and I really don’t think we need to send them into a training camp. In every group there are players with different characteristics, but as a whole the squad is in good health.”