Montella: "Playing well, just need a bit more guile in front of goal"

Viola head coach Vincenzo Montella met with the media this afternoon to preview Fiorentina’s game away at Torino tomorrow. Here’s a selection of his pre-match musings:
“We don’t have more injuries this season. Vargas is available again and Gomez will only be out for two more games. Cuadrado’s had a flare-up of a previous problem but we expect him back soon.” FORM
“We’ve built and trained this team to play a certain way partly based on the attributes of the players we have at our disposal. We might have lacked a bit of spark in the two home games we’ve drawn, maybe we haven’t shown enough guile up front to take full advantage of situations, but otherwise we’ve gone about our jobs well.” TORINO
“Are Torino a weaker side without Cerci and Immobile? That’s not for me to say. Maybe they are a bit given the level of the two who have left, but a coach has to step up and and be able to use his ability and experience to make up for the loss.” PIZARRO
“He’s better now. We included him in the squad after seeing him in training today.” ]]>