Gomez looking forward to "a great season”

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Viola striker Mario Gomez held a media conference at the Centro Sportivo Benatti in Moena today.

How are feeling?
“Very good. We’ve all been able to train really well here in Moena. From tomorrow we’ll have a few days’ rest then we’ll head off for our tour in South America.”

You seem to be fitter than you were at the start of last season. Is that right?
“Maybe yes. I feel good and I want to have a good season. My aim is to reach peak form and be a success with Fiorentina. We want to improve on fourth place. We were a bit unlucky last year.”

“I hope to see him in a Viola shirt again. He’s a game-changer.”

What do you think of the reinforcements other teams are making?
“It makes no difference. It’s always what you do on the pitch that matters. Last August everyone was talking about the Rossi and Gomez strike partnership but then we virtually never played together.”

Germany’s World Cup success?
“I’m very happy for my team-mates. I care about my country as much as I care about Fiorentina. It wasn’t easy for me not being involved.”

Lahm’s international retirement?
“It’s a shame. He’s without doubt the best player I’ve ever played alongside during my career.”

“He’s a special player. This year we’ll see the real Ilicic.”

Bernardeschi and Babacar?
“Two talented youngsters with impressive builds. Great prospects for the future.”