Borja Valero: "I’ve signed on for another five years. Living in Florence is a dream"

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Viola midfielder Borja Valero addressed the media from the press room at Moena's Centro Sportivo Benatti today.

“I'm delighted to have extended my contract with Fiorentina for five more years,” he said. “This club has given me so much and I've given it a lot in return. I instructed my agent not to listen to any other offers in recent months as I was waiting for Fiorentina. The Viola – along with Real Madrid –  have given me more than any other club. My family is happy in Florence and that's key for me. Perhaps I'm not your typical player. I lead a simple life off the field and Florence is a relaxed city. It's a dream place to live.”

On Fiorentina's future: “I came here to Moena two years ago, we've grown year on year and I'm sure we'll keep growing over the coming years.”

Would you join the Viola management team in the future? “I'm too young to think about that now.”

Pizarro and Aquilani? “We have to show faith in the club. The management always do what's best for Fiorentina.”

Giuseppe Rossi? “We'll have him fully fit for the start of the season.”