Anderson: “Here to show what I can do and stay for a long time”

Fiorentina’s new Brazilian midfielder Anderson was unveiled to the press during a news conference today, accompanied by sporting director Daniele Pradè and technical director Eduardo Macia.


Why Fiorentina?
“I chose Fiorentina because they have a very interesting project here. It’s a team that’s fighting at the top of the table to reach the Champions League.”

Would you like to stay in Florence for a long time?
“I’m here to show people what I can do and stay for many seasons.”

Where can you play in midfield?
“I started out as an attacking player and in England I learnt to defend too. Obviously I’m happy to do whatever the coach wants of me. Even play in goal.”

What do people think of Fiorentina abroad?
“They’re a club that wants to be one of the best teams in Italian football.”

How is Italian football different?
“It’s much more tactical.”

“He’s shown great faith in me from day one and I’ll repay him by giving everything I’ve got on the pitch.”

What about the Brazil squad?
“For now the most important thing is doing well for my club.”

Why did you choose No.88?
“It’s the year I was born.”

What are you like away from the pitch?
“I’m a calm guy.”

Why do you have Andow on the back of your shirt?
“It’s what I had at Manchester.”

What about the rumours regarding your sexual preferences?
“This is the first time I’ve heard this story. I respect gay people but I like women. I have four kids. We don’t have any TVs in my house…”

Daniele Pradè

“Anderson has been with us for 10 days now. He’s the sort of footballer that fits into our game perfectly. He’s skilful and very good at breaking forward into space from midfield. We aim to keep him here for many years to come. He’s the sort of signing that proves the ambition of the Della Valle family.”

Eduardo Macia

“Anderson is still a young player but he’s won an incredible amount of trophies, and now we need more players who are ready to fight for the big prizes.”