World Cup Result: ITALY 0 – 1 COSTA RICA, Goal by Bryan Ruiz, Friday 20 June 2014, Group D

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61% Ball Possession ITALY and 39% Ball Possession COSTA RICA
italyflagitalyticketseventsticketsinitalyfootballticketsinItalyOperaticketsinitalyconcertsticketsinItaly Italy 0 – 1 Costa Rica Costa Rica Team
44′ Bryan Ruiz

2014 FIFA World Cup Group D

Italy made their debut in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Group D against England with a victory.  Good news is that Italy Head Coach Cesare Prandelli recovered first goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and is now defending Italy. Bad news is that Italy lost the game and now risking qualification to the next round.  The passing will be decided in the next game against Uruguay on June 24.  Credit to Costa Rica playing better, tough to admit it, but that’s the truth.

Current Standing after this match in Group D:

  • Costa Rica, 1st position with 6 points and a positive goal difference of +3
  • Italy, 2nd position with 3 points and a neutral goal difference of “0”
  • Uruguay, 3rd position with 3 points and a negative goal difference of -1
  • England, 4th position with 0 points and a negative goal difference of -2

I have goosebumps just watching the Azzurri making their entrance to the pitch!   Wow, close up for each player during the National Anthem “L’Inno di Mameli.”  All Italy putting their face in forward Mario Balotelli to lead Italy.

Game on…. Referee whistles the start of the game!  Let’s roll the ball…

Oh oh… in the 2nd minute, Costa Rica already sending the alarm by challenging Italy goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon..  Midfielder Oscar Bolanos with a right footed shot getting the assist by Bryan Ruiz, and there it is Buffon to save in the center!

Come on Italia!!!!!   In the 6th minute, Costa Rica defender Oscar Duarte commits a foul on Italy midfielder Claudio Marchisio attempting to stop him by holding him…. oh well..

In the 7th minute, corner for Costa Rica conceded by Italy defender Andrea Barzagli…. yep… corner wasted….

In the 9th minute, corner for Italy conceded by Costa Rica defender Giancarlo Gonzalez.

Come on Italiaaaaa, the fans increasing their chants for Italy with the classic “Po, po, po, po.”

Uffa!!!!!  In the 14th minute, there is Italy defender Ignazio Abate caught offside after getting the pass by midfielder Daniele De Rossi.!!!  I am so nervous now… come on Italiaaaa

In the 15th minute, corner for Costa Rica conceded by Italy midfielder Claudio Marchisio, and Mamma miaaaaa hello, hello, hello, there it is goalkeeper Buffon punching the ball away clearing danger!!!  Yes, that’s my Gigi!!!!!!

Another corner for Costa Rica in the .. OUCH!!!!!!  Hello,  in the 19th minute, Costa Rica defender Oscar Duarte with a kick and the ball hitting the face of defender Giorgio Chiellini bringing him down…. uff…. well, Chiellini is ok…

In the 22nd minute, Balotelli  pressing and battling with Costa Rica defender Giancarlo Gonzalez,,  Balotelli commits a foul now on Gonzalez…. chance gone now….  fans encouraging Italia…..

In the 25th minute, Balotelli is caught offside after the assist by midfielder Marchisio!

In the 27th minute,  so close…. from a long distance midfielder Thiago Motta attempts a right footed shot missing the target to the left…..  but good, let’s keep pressing.

In the 30th minute, Costa Rica   Closeup Italy Head Coach Cesare Prandelli lifting his hands as asking, hello, what’s going on!

I am fainting!!!!   Hello,,, in the 31st minute, Balotelli  getting the assist by midfielder Andrea Pirlo  and all alone making a run  having even time to accommodate the ball and the final right footed shot missing the target while Costa Rica goalkeeper Keylor Navas anticipates trying to block Balotelli…  Mamma mia, Balotelli cannot believe his luck and hold his face with both hands…..


Woooo!  In the 33rd minute, guys, a right footed shot missile by Balotelli and going straight to the arms of goalkeeper Navas in the center !!  The assist is by Thiago Motta!!!

In the 35th minute a clash between Italy defender Daniele De Rossi and Costa Rica defender Junior Diaz both on the ground now….  game continuing …. no bad intention, accidental clash….

In the 37th minute, a long right footed shot by midfielder Bolanos getting the assist by defender Michael Umaña while goalkeeper Buffon goes to the left to clear the ball!!!

Costa Rica creating clear and present danger again in the 39th minute! The assist by midfielder Celso Borges to Bryan Ruiz challenging goalkeeper Buffon with a left footed shot  saved in the bottom right corner.

Protests going on in the 42nd minute for a contested foul……

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  In the 44th minute, Costa Rica opening the score with forward Bryan Ruiz defeating goalkeeper Buffon with a headed shot in the bottom right corner!!!!  This is just incredible and I am about to collapse!  Closeup showing coach Cesare Prandelli upset after the goal while the joy by Ruiz and Costa Rica fans is all over the place….


Video, goal by Costa Rica forward Bryan Ruiz….

First half ending 55% ball possession Italy and 45% ball possession Costa Rica

Second half staring with a substitution.  Italy forward Antonio Cassano replacing midfielder Thiago Motta in the 45th minute

In the 49th minute, Italy defender Ignazio Abate concedes a corner….  Bolanos serving the assist following the corner to defender Giancarlo Gonzalez missing his headed shot to the right….

Wow, In the 52nd minute, a right footed shot from a free kick by Andrea Pirlo and goes straight to Costa Rica goalkeeper  punching the ball away with both hands.

In the 54th minute, goalkeeper Buffon saving midfielder Celso Borges right footed shot in the top left corner!

In the 56th minute Italy with a substitution, forward Lorenzo Insigne replacing Antonio Candreva

Time running by…. Italy must RUSH to score…   goals are needed!!!

In the 59th minute, there is another danger created by Bryan Ruiz… luckily Joel Campbell is caught offside.

Prandelli two changes making a more attacking lineup with Balotelli-Cassano-Insigne…. let’s see how it goes…

Closeup showing Costa Rica fans increasing their chant…. Italy must wake up…..

In the 62nd minute, Cassano’s right foted shot is blocked!!!!!

Costa Rica making a substitution in the 67th minute, midfielder Jose Cubero replacing midfielder Yeltsin Tejeda.

First yellow for Italy is for forward Mario Balotelli after a foul on Costa Rica defender Junio Diaz.


Italy with the last substitution in the 69th minute replacing midfielder Claudio Marchisio with forward Alessio Cerci

Twenty more minutes for Italy to react…..


Costa Rica making a substitution in the 74th minute forward Marco Ureña replacing Joel Campbell

Time running by and Italy still not scoring….. 10 more minutes to go….. this is just unacceptable.  wake up Italyyy

Costa Rica replacing midfielder Bryan Ruiz in the 80th minute with forward Randall Brenes

Uffa.. what  a luck!!!  In the 82nd minute, the assist by Cerci to Lorenzo Insigne missing the target  with his right footed shot going too high.

Italy still not finding the way to the goal…..  7 more minutes!!!!!

I am almost collapsing…  wake up Italy… 5 more minutes and cannot believe Italy being down by a goal!!!!!  not even scoring!  hellooooo come on Italiaaaaaaa

In the 86th minute.. hello…  Cerci offside after the assist by Cassano!

Say no more, this it… Referee whistling the end of the game..  what an upset!!!

Here is ITALY official starting lineup by Head Coach Cesare Prandelli:

ITALY (4-1-4-1): Buffon; Abate, Barzagli, Chiellini, Darmian; De Rossi; Candreva, Thiago Motta, Pirlo, Marchisio;  Balotelli.

Here is COSTA RICA official starting lineup by Head Coach Pinto:

COSTA RICA (5-4-1): Navas; Gamboa, Duarte, González, Umaña, Díaz; Ruiz, Borges, Tejeda, Bolaños; Campbell.


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Italy starting lineup against Costa Rica

Un gol di Ruiz condanna l’Italia. Con l’Uruguay servirà un pareggio pe


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Italy forward Mario Balotelli dueling with Costa Rica defender Oscar Duarte

Italy fans rooting for the Azzurri at the Arena Pernambuco

World Cup Tickets
2014 FIFA World Cup
Group Stage – Group D

Italy 0 – 1 Costa Rica
Friday 20 June 2014
Arena Pernambuco
Recife, Brazil

Referee: Enrique OSSES (CHI)
Assistant Referee 1: Carlos ASTROZA (CHI)
Assistant Referee 2: Sergio ROMAN (CHI)
Fourth official: ALIOUM (CMR)

Official formations – lineups:

ITALY (4-1-4-1): Buffon; Abate, Barzagli, Chiellini, Darmian; De Rossi; Candreva, Thiago Motta, Pirlo, Marchisio;  Balotelli.

Coach: Prandelli

COSTA RICA (5-4-1): Navas; Gamboa, Duarte, González, Umaña, Díaz; Ruiz, Borges, Tejeda, Bolaños; Campbell.

Coach. Pinto

World Cup Tickets

Group D
Italy 0 – 1 Costa Rica
Friday 20 June 2014
Arena Pernambuco
Recife, BrazilReferee: Enrique OSSES (CHI)
 England Match Stats  Italy
1 Goals  2
10 (4) Shots (on goal) 11 (5)
10 Fouls 23
4 Corner kicks 5
11 Offsides 3
61% Ball Possession 39%
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
4 Saves 4


What do you think of the result?  Agree? Disagree?  Best and worst player?