MILAN – Where are they working, where are they spending their days, where are they training and where are they preparing their next matches after their World Cup debuts? Milan’s World Cup representatives are spread over the length and breafdth of Brazil.
 STATE Mangaratiba: a splendid resort by the Ocean is where Italy with Balotelli, Abate and De Sciglio are based.
Ipanema: a bustling quarter of Rio de Janeiro, a place dear to Carlos Jobim, is where De Jong and his Holland are. The Orange are training at Flamengo’s sport complex.
SAO PAOLO STATE Cotia: Cristian Zapata with his Colombia are based here. The official site of the Colombian football federation has a photo gallery dedicated to Pekerman’s players in their retreat, click here. 
Itu: A quite town of 150.000 inhabitants, one hour from Sao Paolo, in the south-west of the the country, is where Japan and Keisuke Honda have made their temporary home.