(IN THE PHOTO: the squad follow coach Clarence Seedorf’s instructions)MILANELLO – The squad got back to work yesterday at 15.00 after the day of rest granted to the players on Monday.The Rossoneri headed out to the central pitch at the Milanello sports centre where coach Clarence Seedorf presented Michael Essien to his new team-mates. The new arrival then introduced himself to the group and after this brief presentation the training session began with a warm-up, a jog, and some running drills using the cones and obstacles. This was then followed by some stretching.The squad then focused on passing and long balls before taking part in a possession exercise 10 v 10 on half a pitch. A point was awarded for ten consecutive passes and for reaching the other side of the pitch.The training session finished with a technical exercise with the attack on one side of the pitch working on offense and defenders and midfielders on the other side of the pitch working on defence.Essien trained right away with the group along with Abbiati, Poli, Constant and Saponara.Club captain Riccardo Montolivo went inside and worked on his personalised training program in the gym after Essien’s presentation at the start of the training session.The squad will train again tomorrow at 15.00.