MILAN – The Esordienti 2004 have booked their place in the semi-finals of the Torneo di Gallipoli after overcoming Roma 4-0 in the quarter-finals of the tournament. Speaking last week to the Milan Channel, head of grass roots for the youth sector Mauro Bianchessi said the following:

“The standard of this group is very high. The players are all very skillful, determined and mentally strong. We have also been playing against teams with players who are a year older. I think this tournament can be likened to the Viareggio tournament (prestigious U19 tournament, editor’s note). It is for Giovanissimi, but we have entered a team of Esordienti, against teams of a national and international level as well as amateur clubs but with older players. The organisation is excellent with a good turnout from the public while it is also a chance for the players to improve. This is a great squad with a fantastic coach from our youth sector, coach Bertuzzo, and I steered him towards this team because they have a lot of ability. Nobody likes to lose. If a team is strong, it has to show it. This is an important squad and we’re expecting a lot from them.”