< ![CDATA[MILAN - The Rossoneri and Bianconeri face each other almost immediately on matchday 3 of the new season and also play against each other in the TIM Trophy 2014 on August 23 in Reggio Emilia.This is how the mini-tournament will play-out.-Juventus - Milan 8.45pm-Loser match 1 - Sassuolo 9.45pm-Winner match 1 - Sassuolo 10.45pmThe rules are the following:The winner of every match will be awarded 3 points, 0 points to the losers. In case of a draw the games will go to penalties to decide a winner in accordance with FIFA regulations. At the end of the penalties 2 points will be awarded to the winning team and 1 to the losing team. At the end of the tournament the team with the most points will be the winner of the TIM Trophy 2014. In case of a draw between two team, the head-to-head will be taken into account and if all three teams have the same number of points then goal difference will come into play. In case even goal difference is the same then the amount of goals scored will be used to decide a winner and if two teams have scored the same amount of goals then the head-to-head will again be taken into consideration. If there is a complete draw between all three sides then the team that has he lowest average age will be declared the winner.]]>