The interviews following Sunday’s derby between Inter-Milan.

(IN THE PHOTO: the players thank the fans afterwards) 

MILAN – This is what was said by the players and the coach after Sunday’s derby:

FILIPPO INZAGHI (to the Milan Channel)
“We should have been more clinical when we had the chance to break the deadlock. In the second half we were less compact and we did even risk losing the match. We’re in good form, we have lost just one match from the past 9, we are back to our levels from December. The months of January and February have penalised us, there are 7 games to go and then we will evaluate the situation. Suso played well, and Alex did well too. Even if we were under pressure, I brought on 2 offensive players because we wanted to win the match. Let’s focus now on the match away to Udinese; we’re going there to win. We’re not happy about the draw as we wanted to win, but even if you bring on 2 strikers there is no guarantee that you will score a goal. There were also some dubious episodes against us in the first half, the referee despite all the confusion made the right decision. We have to continue doing well, winning against Udinese and Genoa will then allow us to see where we are at in the league table and what we can achieve come the end of the season”. 

“We played better in the first-half, while in the second half we risked a bit too much. It was a tense match, and especially for me as a Milan fan it was doubly so. We have kept Inter behind us in the league table and now let’s focus on winning away at Udinese. We need to have the desire to go and qualify for Europe. We cannot fail. It will be difficult versus Udinese, but we have to go there and try and win. In the second half we dropped too deep as Inter did well. One of my qualities is my work rate and I always try and help the team. Playing for Milan is the ultimate, so I always try and give something extra. There are now 7 finals to go and we will try and bring home 21 points.”  

“We wanted to win the match today and not just because it’s the derby, but because we also needed the 3 points. It’s a shame as we could have done a little bit more, but analysing the entire match and everything that happened a goalless draw is fair. It was a tense derby and slightly strange with lots of tension, as neither side wanted to lose. Apart from the opening exchanges we did well in the first half and played the ball around well. In the second half we came out strongly, but then we dropped back a bit too much and we risked conceding. We must improve on that, but the main thing is that we didn’t lose tonight. We have to look forwards as there are still 7 games to go and we want to climb the league table. I am happy to play. My contract is coming to an end and I am enjoying every moment. Whether I play or someone else does, what counts is that we win and qualify for Europe. We have to continue fighting and every match is a battle because we want to finish as high as possible and get back into Europe. There are still lots of points up for grabs and we will try right until the very end.” 

“We wanted to win the match. We tried in both the first and second half. We made offensive changes, even if we were in difficulty. A draw wasn’t much good to us. In the first half we played well for large spells. We didn’t have many shots, but had room out on the flanks. We came out strongly in the second half, but they then reacted. They had penalty appeals, but it came from a challenge and it’s impossible to know where the ball will end up, on the arm or a leg. For the disallowed goal the referee did well to spot it. They created some good chances, it’s pointless denying it. They finished better than us and perhaps will have more complaints than us. The match became more balanced again towards the end, with a good chance for Destro. And to think, there were 2 players free on the right, but Destro has said sorry. Perhaps he was a bit too greedy. We don’t have an easy fixture list, but we have close to all of the players back and we have to believe in qualifying for Europe. Alex came off with cramp, but while he was on the pitch he did excellent.” 

FILIPPO INZAGHI (press conference)
“We knew it was going to be a tough derby as both teams were desperate to win and when this happens unfortunately the match tends to end in a draw. We tried to win it, but we didn’t start the first 10 minutes of the match very well and we struggled as the away side, with Inter backed and motivated by their fans. We struggled, but then we should have been more clinical when we began to take control. Suso had 3 or 4 shots, while Menez played 2 or 3 good balls across the face of the box. From those situations, we should have broken the deadlock. We didn’t do that and Inter as a good side had the chance to then respond. We pinned Inter back I think at the start of the second half but they then pushed forward and we were less compact and did risk losing the match. However with the changes that we made, we reacted well, Destro and De Jong both had chances and nearly allowed us to win it. A draw is the right result I think. We always try and impose our game. Destro only resumed training on Friday, so he could not start the match from the first minute. I knew that Menez could do well as a centre forward, we have to improve however with our final pass and be more clinical in the penalty area. I think that Milan dominated in some spells of the match and Inter in others. The derby has always been a balanced affair. It was the months of January and February that influenced our position in the league table. We will try and get back to the top as soon as possible.”  

“Donnarumma and I were at Milanello and we watched the entire match. (the Milan youth team’s 2-1 victory in Dubai, editor’s note). At the end we sent messages to the players to congratulate them because they deserve it for the way they defeated Real Madrid and their performance. It was fantastic. My congratulations to them. I am really happy for coach Brocchi who is doing so much for us and he deserves it. We haven’t been doing that well in the league and now this win versus Real Madrid can give us the momentum to do well in the final stage of the season. It will give us confidence.”