< ![CDATA[MILAN – This is what Riccardo Saponara had to say after Milan’s 2-0 victory over Monza at the Brianteo Stadium earlier:"We played a great friendly, I would say that it was a proper match. We put in the right commitment, dedication and effort. We need to continue like this in America as we’re showing we’re on the right path to get back to the levels expected. The tougher the matches, the better it is. I agree with playing against similar level sides, as we obtain the benefits and the matches are more convincing.I’m coming off the back of a year of experience and settling in, which has all helped me a lot. I’m learning so much in this new role and the coach is helping me. I have a lot of desire to learn and convince the coach. When Inzaghi said he would have given me another chance, I didn’t even think twice and I decided to stay here.The coach has a lot of enthusiasm and a hunger to win. This will all help us grow as a group. We can’t set ourselves limits, especially if we all start off the same. We’re a great group that can compete with anyone. My role model is Di Maria. He has attacking qualities, but he has shown he can do everything.I have a lot to give in physical terms. I played very little last season. I have big margins for improvement I think. The faith from the fans is a matter of pride and a great responsibility. We know we have to honour this shirt. We have everything to achieve that. Last year we didn’t have a good league campaign, but everything is there to bounce back."]]>